SCHOOL ID 117092

Praadis International School


Praadis International School (PIS) is a co-educational, english medium school affiliated with CBSE board. It is founded by Praadis Technologies Inc. The company already successfully launched the online learning app 'Praadis Education App' a few years back. Now, the company aims to physically deliver high standard school education to the students of India.

Praadis Technologies Inc. wants to raise the level of school education in India with the use of the latest technologies and teaching methods. To achieve this task the Praadis International School is built with modern classrooms and equipped with a whole new range of technological tools.

Our Belief

The school is built keeping in mind the highest standards of safety. The school is equipped with all physical facilities that are required for the overall development of the students. Praadis International School (PIS) is managed by a very dedicated staff and its teachers are the backbone of this institute. They work continuously to bring out the best in every student of the school.

Core Values

"To make our students the epitome of knowledge, discipline and perseverance."

Student-centric approach

We keep the well-being and development of students at the centre of our working in the school. We want to develop decision-making ability in our students so that they can make their own decisions to overcome any tough situation in the future. We work in the school with an approach that will allow students to evolve both physically and mentally.

Developing curiosity

Curiosity is the best inspiration to nudge a person towards the path of learning. Curiosity also helps in developing innovation in individuals. Due to similar reasons, we try to nourish the curiosity in our students so that they can become better learners in life.

Respecting others

A person is said to have a strong character when he/she respects other persons in their life too. For example, every person should have respect for their parents, their country and the whole world. A person should also have respect towards nature to understand its true value. We try to build a feeling of mutual respect in our students towards the people they see around them. This will help them become better persons in the future.

Realising goals in life

No other feeling gives more confidence to a person than the sense of achievement and the knowledge that they completed the task they planned for. A person must have the patience, dedication and perseverance to complete the task available at hand. A quitter never achieves the confidence to achieve difficult things in life. We try to make understand our students the benefits of not quitting and keep working to achieve their goals in life. Once a person realises that he/she can achieve any goal in their life through planning and patiently working on it then they don't suffer many failures later in life. We try to develop the same understanding in our students.